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      About us

      Beijing Xinze Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and sales of fine chemical products; the company boasts strong technical force, high-level managerial personnel, one R&D center and two production bases. 50% of the employees are researcher with doctor or master degree, and over 40% are researchers with bachelor degree or above. The company mainly engages in the development and research of organic chemical products and drug intermediates. Based on years' technological reserve and talent advantage, the company has obtained great development. Insisting on the objective of resource sharing, complementing each other's advantages, win-win, adhering to the principle of integrity and fair, we would like to meet the increasing market demands based on high-quality products and excellent services. Our products have been exported to India, Europe, the U.S., Japan and other regions. The company has established favorable cooperation relationship with the clients.